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We specialize in planning and executing promotional campaigns for local films, media coordination for interviews, arranging performers from Hong Kong and Macau for local events, and overseas promotion activities. We have the experience, expertise, and creative knowledge due in part to its deep portfolio of past projects for agencies, artists, and local major events alike.

Projects include providing screenings and promotional film production services, coordination for performances, guests invitation and reception services, hospitality services for overseas performers, event planning, stage and sound, venue setup, design and layout, video shooting and production, etc.

We have a rich network of talents in the film and entertainment industry which allows us to provide professional services such as producing broadcast commercials, branded content, marketing videos, as well as several other forms of digital media and multimedia campaigns, and for different types of promotional activities, and film and television production.

Our services include: (but not limited to)

Venue Setup

Venue setup and decorations, conference and exhibition venue rental, projection equipment rental, booth and stage setup services.

Overseas Promotion Service

Advertising production, printing and publication of promotional materials, photographic and photo-finishing services.

Video Production Services

Directing and creative services, film & video management, video shooting and production, post-production, subtitles translation, captions and subtitle services, location and casting resources.

Event coordination

Media coordination, event coordination, film screenings, outdoor screenings, hospitality services for celebrities and guests as well as media coordination.

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Since its opening, the business scope has included planning and executing local film promotion, contacting the media for interviews, arranging performers from Hong Kong and Macau for the event, and overseas promotion activities.

Local Film Promotions
Media Interview Activities
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Promotional Campaigns and Event Productions